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Knowledge is power, but if we do nothing with the knowledge, there is no power…

How this need is sabotaging your life

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Do you find yourself signing up for competitions? Or do you feel yourself gaging your success to another person’s image and then trying to outperform them?

Is it important to look good — but not just physical appearance, but how people perceive you?

Are insecurities meant to stay hidden and you require yourself to put on a positive face?

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An education in history and an invocation of feelings

Yesterday morning I had an impulsive and sudden urge to further understand thought processes of other people. What I got was an education of appropriation and history.

I posted on Facebook — because that is always the best place to see human nature in its increasingly natural habitat — and asked those who dislike the word Woke to explain why.

Let me share my motive and understanding here.

Woke to me had a spiritual context. It meant that those who are woke are more inclined to lean towards an awareness of…

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Dear Parents,

You don’t know us. You raised us. We lived in the same house, share the same genes, and share many of the same mannerisms, but you don’t know us.

We share a last name, the need for glasses and a love for each other, but you don’t know us.

You provided for us, clothed us, and taught us many things, but you don’t know us.

You think you understand how we’ve reached decisions and processed options because you raised us. Perhaps because you’re older that automatically makes you wiser and well versed in all things us. …

There is so much talk lately about resilience and being resilient and how we are resilient, but do you know — I mean really know — how to develop resilience?

Resilience — the glittery word we’re all using

Is it one of those things that we ‘just do’ and no one really gets the how part? I mean, do we have to experience the setback in order to be resilient?

Or do we have to have a level of resilience in order to recover from the setback?

Or….. Do we do both at the same time?

You may have read those questions and answered them already, but hold…

Asshats, habits and struggles. OH MY!

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Not sure if you know, or are interested in, but there’s this book club I started late last year. . The purpose is to read… duh, right? :)

Yes… AND…. (strategically placed reference explained later, so keep reading)

The purpose is to expand the mind in ways that traditional leadership books may not touch upon. I love the ideas and the techniques provided in many of them, but the thing I love the most is when we are given the science and the understanding of how our brains actually work. …

How my almost-rape taught me to take responsibility.

And I do realize that what I’m about to type is a highly unpopular opinion to have, to hold and to share, but here we are, having, holding and sharing…

Truth time.

We live in a world where it has become increasingly easier to blame other people for the thoughts, feelings and behaviors we own. To never take responsibility — or even consider taking responsibility — for our part in what has happened in our lives.

This isn’t to say that sometimes we aren’t served a great big, piping hot, and overflowing…

Rina Jensen

A Mental Fitness & Resilience Coach, Speaker, and Small Business Advocate.

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